Top Twitter Tools Exposed & Explained at Lightning Speed!

Top Twitter Tools Exposed and Explained at Lightning Speed!

In this very short video I expose the Top Twitter Tools and how I use them in conjunction with each other to maximize my Twitter experience, reduce my time spent on twitter, and maximize the effectiveness of my Tweets. If you simply put these Top Twitter Tools to work for you, you’ll be Tweeting Like a Pro in no time.

There’s no fluff in this video at all, and once you’ve watched it, you can click the hyperlinked text below to send a Tweet out about this video as you’ll be doing a tremendous service to the Twitter community as a whole by being the one who pointed those Tweeple in the right direction so that everyone can get the most out of Twitter and their time with these Top Twitter Tools. Please click the hyper-linked text below to share this with your Tweeple!

RT – @ZebOlsen put together an incredible video on the Top Twitter Tools that is a MUST SEE (very short) #video

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April 17, 2009. Tags: , , , . Applications.


  1. playandbefree replied:

    Loved the high energy run down of the Top Twitter Tools

  2. Out to Own replied:

    Awesome……I Love It!

    Most people talk about Twitter in terms of getting to know people, building lists and using followers. But for marketers and business owners, that’s just the start.
    You’ve only got 140 characters to work with, so you have to be concise. This works in your favor because it simplifies your message in the same way an AdWords headline does. Simple is good.

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